The Songs.

The final running order for the first LP is yet to be decided, but original songs such as:

"Walking Man",

"Unknown Track/Unknown Artist"

"Lady Blue"

"Golden Snowflake",

"Last Thing on TV"

"Wish I Could "

"The Last Summer's Day Has Gone"

"The German Cabaret"

"Huddled Strangers"

"Penny on a White Horse"

will no doubt be jockeying for position.

Click on the sample streaming options on the right to hear the work in progress - hope you enjoy them!

In addition, the Blue Motel has also produced some covers, including: "Pinball", "Cigarette Girls", "Muddy Water" and "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me".

Have a listen to them below!

Cigarette Girl - original by The Bible
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Muddy Water - original by Boo Hewerdine
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Pinball - Brian Prothero
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