Recorded Live in the Summer of 2017 as part of the "Eckington Live Lounge Patio Sessions".

Videography by David Hedges.

Recorded Live in The Acoustic Tent at "Eckstock Music Festival" in July 2017.

Videography by Val Hedges.

Recorded Live at "The Marrs Bar" music venue, Worcester in Feb 2018.

Videography by Val Hedges.

Recorded Live at Eckstock 2022

Videography by Val Hedges.

Live Sound by Stephen Jones.

Recorded Live at "The Eckington Live Lounge" in 2018.

Videography by David Hedges.

Live concert recorded at The Evesham Arts Centre in 2019.

Videography by David Hedges.

Live Sound by Mark Hennessy

Produced by Paul Hedges